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PTFE coated fabric, also called PTFE fibergalss fabric, Teflon fabric, is the base material for PTFE adhesive tapes, teflon galss tapes. Our factory has over

10 years experience in the industry, and speacializes in research and manufacture of PTFE Coated Fabric, adhesive tapes, conveyor belts and food grade

prodcuts etc. Here we list some hot products for your better understanding of our scope of business, you could also click the highlighted text to view more

details of corresponding products.

It is a speicial type of PTFE coated fiberglass fabirc…

Our PTFE porous fabric is made of fiberglass fabric impregnated with formulated PTFE disperison…

PTFE skived fim tape is another type of PTFE adhesive tapes, which is skived…

The PTFE Fabric Belts are suitable for those application areas where products are transported…

The belt is using high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar as basic material, this belt is woven by special weaving equipment…

PTFE coated fiberglass BBQ grill mat allows you to combine the flavor and fun of cooking over flame with…

A silicone baking mat is a non-stick baking surface made from high-quality, food-grade…

The stove burner protectors are made from PTFE Teflon coated fiberglass fabric/ cloth…

About Us

Who Are We?

Jiang Bocheng New Tech Materials Co.,Ltd (Original name being Taixing K-FAB), was founded about 20 years ago, located at Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. 20 years ago, we founded Taixing Kaixin Composite Materials Co.,Ltd, starting the distribution of PTFE products. Two years later, Bocheng was established, involved in the manufacture of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, PTFE adhesive tapes, PTFE mesh conveyor belts, and silicone coated fabric etc, which provides a new solution for various industrial machines, such as ….

Teflon fiberglass tapes Manufacturer - Bocheng


Q1:  Which adhesive are you use?

A:  The silicone adhesive. But if you need acrylics adhesive we could also do it, customization is available.

Q2: Could you please help me to cut in small rolls?

A: Yes, we can cut the specification as you need.

Q3: What’s the temperature it can resistance?

A: It can resistance -70 to 260 centigrade degree for 24 hours, and can up to 300 centigrade for seconds.

Q4: Can it make the PTFE fabric or mesh fabric into the belt?

A: Yes, it can do in the belt as you need.

Q5: What’s the maximum thickness for your PTFE fabric?

A: The thickest fabric we have is 1mm.

Q6: What’s the mesh size you have?

A: We have many different mesh size 1*1mm 2*2.5mm 4*4mm 10*10mm, but the 4*4mm is very popular in the market.


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