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PTFE Anti-static Fabric

PTFE anti-static fabric, also called antistatic PTFE fabric or antistatic PTFE fiberglass fabric, are made with a specially formulated black PTFE coating. These fabrics eliminates static electricity during operation.

With carbon additives added into the PTFE dispersion, the anti static PTFE fabric owns the anti static feature. Besides the anti static feature, it shares the other advantages of our standard grade PTFE fabric, such as non-stick, high-temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, UV-resistant etc.

For the application, it is usually used as  conveyor belt for fusing press machine, release sheet for heat sealing where the electrostatic charge may occur. Generally speaking, the PTFE antistatic fabric was born for the electronic industry. The static eletricity will attract the dust, which may do serious harm to the electrical elements such as circuit, the antistatic fabric helps eliminate the static, thus increasing the production rate and capacity.

PTFE Anti-static Fabric Anti-static Index: 


PTFE Anti-static Fabric Common Thickness:

As per our experience, the most desirable thickness in our daily sales is:

0.13, 0.15, 0.18, 0.25, 0.35, 0.4 mm


1. Anti-static , Bocheng’s antistatic fabric ansistatic index can reach 10^3~10^5

2. Excellent release characteristics, antistatic fabric also belongs to PTFE fabric, so it owns the non-stick feasure of the


3. Low friction surface, sames as NO2, it also owns the feature of glossy surface

4. Operational and dimensionally stable from –100°F (-73° C) to +500°F (+260°C)

5. Chemical resistant,

6. Virtually no air flow under heat and pressure, with more impregnation of PTFE disperison, we make sure of no air

 flow through fabric, for this point, it is totally opposite to our PTFE porous fabric, which allows the airflow at the same

time of ensuring other non-stick, high temp resistance features.

In the following pic, we test the antistatic index with professional machine, by the way, the desinated ansitstatic index

customization is available, contact us for more information.

PTFE anti-static fabric

PTFE Anti-static Mesh fabric

PTFE Anti-static Mesh Belt

Similar with PTFE anti-static fabric, PTFE anti-static mesh fabric is the anti

-static version of PTFE mesh conveyor belt.

In the process of fiberglass fabric impregnation, we add some anti-static add

-ictives into the PTFE disperion, and then heat it under high temperature.

Kindly know that, anti-static fabric or mesh fabric must be in black, but the black

fabric or mesh fabric is not sure to be anti-static.