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PTFE Adheisve Tape with Release Paper

PTFE cloth tapes with release paper are the same as the litte Teflon  tapes, except the external performance.

Teflon Coated Glass Tape, also called PTFE adhesive tapes or Teflon Fiberglass Glass Tape, are produced with either silicone or acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system. During the impregnation of Teflon fabric, we will do some special treatment on one side of the Teflon fabric, then it would be easier for us to coat adheisves on this side, then coating the adhesive to the certain side under high temperature, the Teflon adhesive tapes are made out. 

The silicone adhesive coated products have a continuous operating temperature range between -70°C and +260°C (-100° to 500°F) while the acrylic adhesive coated products provides high initial tack, enhanced solvent resistance and a continuous service temperature range of -40°C to +170°C (-104° to 338°F). The PFTE coating provides our Teflon fiberglass adhesive tapes with optimal release, dimensional stability and outstanding heat resistance. PTFE glass tapes have low friction and function well as electrical insulation.

The Teflon adhesive tapes rolls are usually 1 meter o r 1.25 meter wide, 50 meter a roll.

For other width, customizaiton is available, but the waste should be taken into considertaion.

For more information, view our instruction article: Teflon Adhesive Tape and Its Application.

In this articale, we list some more detailed information relevant to teflon adhesive tapes and some common situation

of application for your better understanding.

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Common Thickness:

0.13mm 0.17mm 0.18mm 0.2mm 0.23mm 0.3mm


Brown, Black or White.

For customization of color such as green or blue or some else, it is also available at our company, we are experienced 

factory with 20 years expereience. Feel free to contact us for further discussion.

PTFE Cloth Tape Application:

1. High temperature roller coating, heating plate and de-moulding fixture.

2. Food, medicine and plastic bag heat seal.

3. Liner pasting for sliding chute, aviation mould, can also be applied in the cylinder of slurry machine, thermal plastic &


4. Applicable to other surface treatment which need to be resistant to adhesion, corrosion and high temperature.

5. Used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries.

Technical Date Sheet for PTFE Cloth Tapes:

Item NumberBasic Fabric ThicknessTotal ThicknessAdhesion
(to steel)
Tensile StrengthTemperature Resistance
KB008AS0.08mm0.13mm23N/100 mm900 N/100mm—70~260℃
KB012AS0.115mm0.17mm23N/100 mm1100 N/100mm—70~260℃
KB013AS0.125mm0.18mm23N/100 mm1300 N/100mm—70~260℃
KB018AS0.18mm0.23mm23N/100 mm1950 N/100mm—70~260℃
KB025AS0.23mm0.28mm23N/100 mm2250 N/100mm—70~260℃

Teflon Glass Tapes Slitting and Cutting:

PTFE adheisve tape