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PTFE Teflon Belt

Made of high-quality Teflon fabric, teflon belt owns all the advantages of the former, such as high temperature  resistant, which are widely used in various industrial machines, for the joint, we have overlap, teethjoint etc., among which the teeth joint will allows consumers the best tensile strength.

The PTFE Teflon belts are suitable for those application areas where products are transported, dried, steamed,coated or cooled.

Exceptional material combinations together with high processing flexibility characterize the high quality of our products.

PTFE conveyor belts can be supplied with extremely smooth, textured , porous and open-mesh surfaces. Unique are our fabrics with a sealed wear-resistant and anti-adhesive surface.

Moreover, PTFE Teflon open mesh conveyor belt or Teflon conveyor belts with mesh are also available at Bocheng.

For the difference between PTFE mesh fabric conveyor belt and PTFE fiberglass fabric belt, view “What is the Difference between PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belt and Mesh Conveyor Belt?

Teflon Belt Common Thickness:

As per our experience over the past decades, the most popular thickness are 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4mm, whose tensile strength and other performance can satisfy the requirement of various sorts of industrial machines, by the way, just like shown in the pic, on the belts there can be some buttons, side sealer(white film, red film or 0.13mm thick Teflon fabric sealer). 

For the joint type, there are teeth joint, overlap joint(like in the pic) etc. Among all, the teeth joint will bring the most tensile strength for little and middle sized belts. 

Teflon Belt Features:

1. High temperature resistance from -73℃  to +260 ℃,(decomposition temperature approx > +300℃).

2. Excellent resistance to oil, grease and chemicals.

3. Resistance to fungus and mould.

4. Insensitive to light and weathering.

5. Resistance to UV-, IR-, microwave and HF.

6. Non-flammable.

7. Non-stick surface.

8. Non-combustible.

9. Low coefficient of friction.

10. Physiologically harmless character.

11. Low dielectric constant.

12. High dielectric strength.

13. Low thermal expansion.



Special multiply fabrics allow for the production of belts with joints that show almost no difference in thickness and good

crosswise stiffness. Combinations of different fabric plies are feasible and provide for new application options.

PTFE Belt Reference Pic and Joint Making Video:

PTFE belt with button