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Teflon fiberglass tapes Manufacturer - Bocheng

Manufacturer of Teflon Glass Fabric

Jiangsu Bocheng New Tech Materials Co.,Ltd (Original name being Taixing K-FAB), was founded about 20 years ago, located at Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. 20 years ago, we founded Taixing Kaixin Composite Materials Co.,Ltd, starting the distribution of PTFE products. Two years later, Bocheng was established, involved in the manufacture of PTFE Teflon glass fabric, PTFE Teflon adhesive tapesPTFE mesh conveyor belts, and silicone coated fabric etc, which provides a new solution for various industrial machines, such as packaging, printing, textile and dyeing industries. Moreover, food grade bbq grill matsstove burner protectorstoaster bags also provide the cooking and bakery industry with more convenient experience.

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