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How To Find The Best PTFE Fabric Supplier?


What is PTFE Fabric?

PTFE fabric, also called, PTFE coated fabric or Teflon fabric, is made of woven fiberglass fabric and PTFE(Teflon™), in this repsect, the fabric owns the relevant physical and chemical features of PTFE: non-stick, high temperature resistance, chemical-resistance, UV-resistance, heat conduction etc. PTFE fabric is in brown, white and black in terms of common color, and 1 or 1.25 meter in terms of common width. 

Due to the above mentioned features or advantages of PTFE fabric, it is widely used in various sorts of industries that are relevant to heat, such as packaging machine, sealing machines etc. It is able to perform well in the high temperature working environment. 

Apart from being used as product itself, Teflon fabric is also the semi-finished raw material of PTFE adheisve tapes, and PTFE belts, so how are they related? The questions would be answered in the following part.

Relationship Between PTFE Fabric And PTFE Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Fabric Belts.

PTFE Adhesive Tapes 

PTFE adhesive tapes are made by coating the silicone adhesive to the side of fabric, which is treated by speaical technique so as to remove the non-stick feature. Due to the limit of coating machines, common width of PTFE adhesive tapes in market are mainly 1meter or 1.5 meter, less than 2 meter anyway.

PTFE adhesive tapes are same as its raw material Teflon fabric to some extent, the outside side of which shares the non-stick, high temperature features etc with Teflon fabric, otherwise, the inside side with adhesive helps it connect with the item to which it is fixed. However, the PTFE adhesive tapes are more expensive compared with the other, less competitive in price but more competitive in use and user experience.

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PTFE fabric belts, different from the PTFE mesh conveyor belt, are made of PTFE fabric which is cutted into specific dimensions and then welded into an endless belt. The PTFE belts are widely use in the industrial machines, where the transmission and high temperature resistance are needed.

The most popular thicknesses are 0.25mm, 0.35mm etc. The former is usually used as tortilla belts, in blue color. Then what is the application of PTFE belts?

When it comes to the usual application of PTFE belt, it is usually used in food industry, packaging industry, sealing industry etc. When used in the food conveyor machine, tortilla machine, there is fewer requirements for the tensile strength or other features, but when used in industrial packaging or sealing use, the tensile strength has to overceed the food use ones due to heavier goods on the machines.

PTFE Fabric Belts

What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing The PTFE Fabric Supplier?

I. Choose the factory rather than distributors.

Distributors purchase from the domestic or foreign factories, and then sell to their sub-distributors, then finally pose to the end user. In this respect, the price consumers get for the fabric would be surely much higher than the previous price from the intial manufacturer factory.

The requirement for best PTFE fabric supplier, the best would means best quality at best price. For best price, the consumers should undoubted purchase from the factory, and for quality, the factories could maintain their own quality, unlike the distributors who frequently change the suppliers due to price issue or other sorts of issues.

Taking the two points into consideration, I would like to suggest consumers choose the factory when choosing the suppliers of Teflon fabric.

II. Choose the suppliers with longer experience.

The second suggestion for Teflon fabric supplier selection is choose the more experienced ones. Compared with the young supplier, be it factory or distributor,  the “elder” ones or more experienced ones would be more reliable and powerful. 

There were several quality issues that happen in the PTFE and Silicone product industry, which resulted in some damage to the consumers. Every time the quality issue happened, it would be up to the supplier that the quality issue could be solved or not. Morever, the experienced suppliers would tend to supply consumers with stable-quality products at stale price.

In this respect, the experienced suppliers would be more repliable and appropriate for the consumers, especially for the new comes, new consumers of the industry.

III. Find Suppliers In Less Developed Or Developing Countries.

This is the last point, but also an important one, consumers could find suppliers in the developing countries. In the previous two parts, I list two suggestions so as to make sure of good quality of the goods, but I do believe the consumers would also attach great importance to the price, every one wants to purchase heavy duty goods with good price.

Compared with the developed country citizens, the labor cost of less developed or developing countries is much cheaper, so if you are intereted in more price-competitive products, you had better purchase from countries like China, Vietnam, India etc. But if you pursue the excellent quality, you may take the goods from big suppliers with great fame such as FIberflon, Taconic etc.

Final Words

Our company, Jiangsu Bocheng New Tech Materials Co., Ltd. speacializes in the R&D and manufacture of Teflon fabric, adheisve backed Teflon fabric/tapes, belts etc, with over 20 years experience in this field. Aimed to provide the consuemrs with best products at best price.

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