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PTFE Laminatied Fabric

It is a special type of PTFE Teflon fabric, compared with the normal grade PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, the ptfe laminated fabric owns more PTFE content share, which allows its more glossiness, better tensile strength and flex-life. In the past fews years, there were some some consumers who required extremly excellent performace, tear resistance, extreme temperature resistance, we customized ptfe laminated fabric what they wanted according to the specific requirement. Bocheng is an enterprice that focused on the research and development of new-invented product which comply with international newest demand. 

For normal grade PTFE Teflon fabric in different thickness, we have the corresponding tear-resistant versions. The common thickness is 0.13, 0.15, 0.18, 0.25, 0.35mm etc. For other uncommon thickness demands, customization is also available.

With over 10 years experience in manufacture of PTFE Teflon relevant products, Bocheng is good at developing any sort of products at consumers’ will. E.g, we have successfully developed the 0.2mm green Teflon adhsive tapes and 0.3mm thick blue tear resistant tefllon fabric in the past one year, which are appreciated by our Europe consumers.

Jiangsu Bocheng New Tech Materias Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacture of various sorts of PTFE fiberglass fabric, Teflon cloth tapes, PTFE mesh conveyor belts, silicone coated fabric, food grade products such as BBQ grill mats etc.

In this part, you can see all the ranges of our popular products and their common specification, e.g. the common width of Teflon tapes roll is 1 or .25 meter. moreover, the customization is available, for more details contact us, for more tehcnical news, you could have a viwe at our News Part.

Green Teflon Tapes, 0.2mm thick in total

Tear Resistant Judging Standard:

The tear resistant Teflon fabric, compared with the traditional PTFE fabric, owns the higher tensile strength, then how we

judge the different types?


The method is we cut a little short in one side of the fabric with scissors, then try our best to tear the short until another 

side with our hands. 

If we fail, then it is the tear resistant version, if we succeed, then it is the normal version.


By the way, our company also supplies the PTFE film laminated fabric, which is usually used for the filter bags, we shall 

clearly tell the two different types.


Teflon Fabric Features:

1. Excellent release characteristics

2. Low friction surface

3. Operational and dimensionally stable from –100°F (-73° C) to +500°F (+260°C)

4. Chemical resistant

5. Highly resistant to cut-through and abrasion

6. Virtually no air flow under heat and pressure


For detailed information such as the maximum width, length etc. feel free to contact us.