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Non Stick Gas Range Top Protectors

Gas range top protectors, also called gas range top protector or gas stove side protector, protect your stove from clutter and stains. Lay flat on your stove and make your stove look neat and clean so you can cook without worry. This will help you save a lot of cleaning time and avoid the hassle of cleaning the stove. And make your stovetop fresh like a new one!

This stove cover material, PTFE, is FDA-approved and does not release a chemical odor when used. It keeps harmful chemicals away from home, so use it with confidence when cooking. This gas stove protector can withstand temperatures up to 260 centigrade (500 degree Fahrenheit). Note: This stove liner is not 100% fire resistant, so you should not let it touch the flame directly.

No need to worry about the different sizes of the stove, this gas stove protector can be cut with scissors or knife, it can adapt to most stoves in different sizes. Just remove your burner grate, mark it over your protector sheet, fold the burner covers then cut. You can prepare few pieces for you to replace.

Durable and Dishwasher Available: This reusable lining is coated with PTFE which has a non-stick surface that can be easily cleaned with either a damp cloth or a dishwasher. Easy to wipe off dripping sauce, charred food, grease. It can be washed multiple times and put back for reuse. Even better, these top covers are also safe for use in the dishwasher.


Some consumers may use the silicone baking liner as the silicone gas range protectors, for further infomation, feel free to

 check with us if any interest.

Common Specification:

27*27 cm,  customization is available.

Common Thickness:

0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm.


Black and Silver.

Non Stick Gas Range Top Protectors Instructions:

1. Measuring the size precisely and mark by pen

2. Cutting to the suitable size according to the mark

3. Taking off stove accessories and laying the cover. Make sure protector is kept at least 0.5inch from the flame.

4. Reassembling accessories and finish. Make sure protector does not cover any vent holes.

Note for Non Stick Gas Range Top Protectors:



1. Remove protector before cleaning stove.

2. Don’t put the gas stove protector directly on flame.

3. Keep it at least 0.5 inches from the flame.

4. Don’t use it on oven rack and electric furnaces.

5. Don’t use it when the temperatures up to 500 °F.

6. We have the FDA and LFGB report for our stove burner protector.

non stick gas range top protectors