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PTFE Fabric with One Side Coated

It is a speicial type of PTFE Teflon fabric. The PTFE fabric with single side coated is produced of asbestos-free, E-glass fiber filament yarns, then one side covered with formulated PTFE using our unique processing methods. 

For some unique implementations, it can be backed up with self-adhesive layer.  For some condition where the requirement is not that strict, the fabric with single side coated is usually used to replace the PTFE adhesive tapes, due to the fact that the former is more attractive in terms of financial cost. This sort of product was invented for such speacial condition that the relevant performance and features are needed but the cost should also be taken into consideration. 

And for some cases, consumers may need to stick the PTFE fabric to some metal or plastic very tightly, then the other side of this sort of this one side coated fabric will be sticked to the surface with glues with high adhesion. Contact us for more information.

Application of PTFE Fabric with One Side Coated

The one side coated PTFE fabric, mainly used for energy-saving thermal insulation sleeves, owns features of non-stick, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and insulation.

1. It can be made into thermal clothing, usually used on heaters of injection molding machines, extrusion molding etc.

2. It can be made into heat preservation, flexible heat preservation, valve heat preservation, steam turbine heat preservation, and detachable heat preservation sleeve.

3. It can be used for various types of valve insulation cover, heat insulation cover, soft insulation cover, removable insulation cover, vulcanizer insulation cover, oil pipe insulation cover, injection molding machine insulation cover | pipeline insulation cover | valve insulation cover | energy saving 20% -60% cool down by more than 50%. Generlly speaking, PTFE fabric one side coated is widely used in Insulation sleeves.


1. Sufficient release property.

2. Cost effective compared with PTFE adhesive tapes.

3. Better solution for sticking to metal compared with PTFE adhesive tapes which use the silicone adhesives.

4. Temperature resistant to -70~260℃(550℉).

5. Excellent durability under extreme environment.


For detailed information such as the maximum width, length etc. feel free to contact us.