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PTFE Heat Sealing Bands

Our PTFE heat sealing bands are used for the Band Searers(Heat sealing machines).

We have the normal economical grade PTFE sealing bands and premium grade sealing bands with better tensile strength as




Ideal Temperature Range for PTFE Heat Sealing Bands:

10°C – 250°C

PTFE Heat Sealing Bands Popular Specification:




1120*15mm etc.

PTFE Sealing Bands Application:

High volume bag manufacturing systems often use these types of belts running as a pair creating a clamping effect on the bag.

PTFE bag sealing belts can also be found on air fill or air cushioning packaging machines as a means of allowing continues heat sealing to take place without molten plastic sticking to the belt.

Sealer belts tend to be two belts that run in tandem on the conveyor with a hot-plate that sits in contact with the inside of the belts as they run.

The heat transfers through the belts surface sealing the plastic bag as it conveys it through the machine.

2-ply Belts

As for uncommon specification and others who want better tensile strength, we also have the 2-ply belt, usually teeth joint, which bringsthe best tensile strength.



2-ply Belt Reference Picture:

2-ply belts
PTFE Heat Sealing Bands

Difference between the Two Belts:

For the two sorts of belts, the PTFE sealing bands and 2-ply belts, the former is made in continous, seamless, thickness being 0.2mm. For the latter, it is made by 2 pieces of 0.11mm thick fabric, that is why the total thickness is 0.22. And it is with joint, for our consumers, the teeth joint is the most popular type since it brings best tensile strength.

Usually for common generic specification,  the consumers would prefer the former since it is financially-friendly, for the latter, usually when the problem comes that consumers would like the designated dimension or sizes, it is chosen. Moreover, for the former, when consumers have the demands of over 5000 pcs, customization is avabile. For more information, feel free to contact us.