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PTFE Porous Fabric

Our PTFE porous fabric is made of fiberglass fabric impregnated with speically formulated PTFE disperison. This sort of fabric is specially controlled in the process of impregnation so as to be breathable, and also maintaining its non-stick property. E-fiberglass fabric allows the excellent machanical property, porous side surface allows the air flow.

Designed to be “breathable” without sacrificing the non-stick properties of PTFE,  Porous grade PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics is manufactured from a woven fiberglass substrate coated with a uniform, light coating of PTFE. It allows products to cure and outgas through the fabric. These unique properties are useful in a wide variety of industries, from the manufacture of polymers to use as a release medium for composite molding. Contact us for more infomation.

PTFE Porous fabric Thickness:

0.07, 0.15, 0.35, 0.6~0.8mm

Common Width:

1 or 1.25 meter

PTFE Porous Fabric Color:

Light brown


1. Aerospace, communications and millitart, composite mold release in vacuum bag, or used as release sheets for

 fabricating glass-resin structures.

2. Polymer Processing: Manufacture of silicone rubber sheets, curing rubber and plastic foams and sponge.

3. Insulation and protection.

4. Seperation materials.

5. Drying painted or lacquered products.

6. Release sheet for heat sealing machines.

The above 6 situtations of application are the most common ones in our daily communication with our customers, of

 course there are more in fact, the key is high temperature resistance, non-stick and porosity。