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PTFE Skived Film Tapes

PTFE skived fim tape is another type of Teflon adhesive tapes, which is skived into even thin film from a cylindrical Teflon block. During the skiving, the block was fixed and rotated with a high speed, and the sharp blade will shave it into even thin film on a continuous basis.



Popular Thickness:

0.08, 0.13, 0.18mm

Process of Teflon PTFE skived film tapes manufacturing:

Once the PTFE film has been skived from the PTFE(Teflon) block, it will be chemically treated or etched by creating a

new sodium surface. Then the heat resistant adhesive will be allowed to bond PTFE film, resulting in PTFE Skived


Difference between Teflon PTFE skived film tapes and Teflon adhesive fiberglass tapes:

PTFE Skived film tape and self adhesive PTFE tape are both heat-resistant, with non-stick surface and are chemical &

UV resistant. But the PTFE skived tapes is more thinner and softer, usuall used for electronics industry surface.


Its high elongation makes the tape useful in applications that require conformability. The combination of skived PTFE

and silicone adhesive offers an effective solution in high temperature and high dielectric applications. Teflon PTFE

skived film tape provides superior wear resistance, low friction and a non-stick surface.

Technical Date Sheet for Common Types:

Item NumberBasic Fabric ThicknessTotal ThicknessAdhesion
(to steel)
Tensile StrengthTemperature Resistance
TS004AS0.04mm0.08mm22N/100 mm780 N/100mm—70~260℃
TS005AS0.05mm0.09mm22N/100 mm800 N/100mm—70~260℃
TS007AS0.07mm0.11mm22N/100 mm960 N/100mm—70~260℃
TS008AS0.08mm0.13mm22N/100 mm1050 N/100mm—70~260℃
TS013AS0.13mm0.18mm22N/100 mm1650 N/100mm—70~260℃
TS020AS0.20mm0.25mm22N/100 mm2350 N/100mm—70~260℃