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silicone coated fabric

Silicone Coated Fabric:

Silicone coated fabric is made of high quality fiberglass base fabric, which owns the high-grade electric insulation and bears a load of high voltage. We coat it with the silicone rubber, then the silicone coated fabric appears as a new product with good performance and multiple applications.

Compared with traditional Teflon fabric, silicone fabric owns better tear resistance, higher temperature resistance feature, and operating temperature range of our silicone coated fabric is -100 ° F to + 500 ° F. Moreover, our silicone fabric has high dielectric strength, abrasion resistance and bending resistance, and  silicone coatings are highly resistant to chemical attack and are protected from mild, non-oxidizing acids, most salts, minerals and lubricants, air, moisture and sunlight. All of the above quality of the coating enables the fabric to be used in a wide range of industrial applications. 


Grey, red.

Silicone Coated Fabric Features:

1. Excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature

performance, good thermal insulation performance

2. Resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and weathering, excellent weather

resistance in the field, and life expectancy up to 10 years.

3. High insulation performance, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown

voltage 20-50KV/MM

4. Good flexibility, high surface friction and good elasticity

5. Good chemical resistance, oil and water resistance;

6. High strength; soft and tough, can be cut and processed

Silicone Coated Fabric

Silicone Coated Fabric Application:

1. Electric insulation: Silicone fabric features high grade of electirc insulation and bears a load of high voltage. It fits for making products like insulation cloth and sleeves etc.

2. Non-metallic silicone fabric can be used as a compensator, used as pipeline flexible coupling, non-metallic compensator helps to avoid damage caused by heat expansion and cold contraction. This membrane materials fits for use in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, cement, iron and steel due to its special features of temperature resistance, corrosion-resistance, aging-resistance and good elasticity and toughness.

3. Anti-corrosion sector: Silicone fabric is good to be used as inner and outer anti-corrosion layer featuring excellent corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and high strength. It proves to be an ideal anti-corrosion material.

4. Others: Apart from above application, silicone coated fabric can also be used as sealing meterial, temperature resistant, anti-corrosion conveyor belt and packaging material.

Silicone Coated Fabric with Adhesive

Silicone Coated Fabric with Adhesive

Silicone coated fabric tapes, all coated silicone coated fabric with adhesive, is a little like our Teflon tapes, which is also made by coating adhesive onto silicone fabric, in this way, consuemrs could stick it to anywhere they want so as to ensure easy fix, more convenience.

We upload the silicone fabric roll onto coating machine, then process it as we do for Teflon fabric, giving it full adhesive and heat it under high temperature so as to make the close attachment of adhesives.

The application is similar with Teflon adhesive tapes, usually used as insulation material, due to its anti-corrosion, anti-fire featuers.

Silicone Fabric Tape Show

Technical Date Sheet for Common Types:

Item NumberThicknessBreaking StrengthBursting StrengthWeightWidth
KG0150.17mm1100/900 N/5cm2.1 mpa280 g/sqm1250 mm
KG0250.251800/1500 N/5cm2.1 mpa440 g/sqm1250 mm
KG0400.4mm2400/2200 N/5cm2.4 mpa580 g/sqm1500 mm
KG0600.6mm2600/2400 N/5cm2.5 mpa850 g/sqm1500 mm
KG0800.8mm3000/2800 N/5cm2.6 mpa1120 g/sqm1500 mm
HG0250.25mm1800/1500 N/5cm2.1 mpa440 g/sqm1250 mm
HG0400.4mm2400/2200 N/5cm2.4 mpa580 g/sqm1500 mm
HG0450.4mm2600/2200 N/5cm2.2 mpa540 g/sqm1500 mm
HG0600.6mm2600/2400 N/5cm2.5 mpa850 g/sqm1500 mm
HG0800.8mm3000/2800 N/5cm2.6 mpa1120 g/sqm1500 mm
HG0850.8mm3200/3000 N/5cm2.2 mpa1080 g/sqm1500 mm