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Toaster Bag

Toaster bag,also called toastering bag, Teflon toaster bag, is made of 0.08mm thick beige color PTFE fabric, we cut the

finished PTFE fabric into specific dimensions or sizes, then weld the two piece with FEP film, and the FEP film could also

stand the high temperature of 260℃, and owns the featuers of PTFE, that is non-stick, high temerature resistant, easy to

clean etc.

Toaster Bag Features:

Toast bags owns the features of non-stick, easy to clean, reusable, food grade standard, which allows consumers to have a 

better experience in daily life. It could be used in toaster of sandwich, hamburger, toast, fries etc. Multiply usage and resusa-

ble feautures make it popular among the United Stats, Europe, South America etc. Easy-to-clean and reusable features make

it welcome by the consumers.

Are Toaster Bags Safe for Body?

Toater bags are made of PTFE fabric, which could maintain its phycial and chemical characteristics under 260℃(550℉), in

this respeact, it is totally stable in our daily use, and statics have shown that PTFE Teflon material is sort of safe material for

food use, besides the toater bags, the PTFE fabric could also be made into BBQ GRILL MATGAS RANGE PROTECTOR

and we have achieved the LFGB and FDA test report to prove this result. 

In all, the toaster bags are totally safe and will never do harm to health, consumers could rest assured when using it.

How Many Times Can It Be Used?

If consumers pay attention not to hurt the material, it could be used forever, when washing it, do it softly. For most of our consumers who once purchased the toaster bags, the toaster bags can be used for at least 50 times.

Toaster Bag Common Specification:

16.5*16cm, 18*17cm, 19*17cm

Pakcaging and Color Box:

For our toaster bags, there are 10 pcs in a color box, and here I show the pics of our color box.

Moreover, so far we have successfully customized the color box for many consumers at their will. 

Toaster Bags