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Zone Tapes

Zone tapes, are tapes for which a strip of PTFE glass fabric is covered with either masking tape or glass liner tape on both sides. The standard version is supplied with on both sides 15mm. The self-adhesive strips can also be supplied in several other measurements.

The 15 mm tape is pasted onto 5mm PTFE-glass and there is a 10 mm edge on either side left. With these 10 mm edges, you will be able to easily stick the PTFE fiberglass fabric onto your sealer. Thanks to this seal wire can move freely under the PTFE glass fabric.

Most tapes are chemically etched on one surface allowing adhesion to the double sided tape & preventing the tape detatching whilst in use.

Zone Tapes Application:

It is generally used in the packaging industry and provide a protective barrier between the heating element and the material that is to be sealed. Our performance high PTFE content tapes allow the impulse element to bond the molten plastic whilst protecting the delicate element surface. We manufacture tapes which provide a strong adhesive yet are easily removable. We offer double sided or glass weave style tapes to bond to the surface.

Common Thickness:

0.18mm in total

Difference Compared with Traditional Teflon Adhesive Tapes:

Compared with traditional Teflon fiberglass adhesive tapes, the zone tapes are only sticky in both side, that is, for the middle zone, it is the same as PTFE fabric, non-adhesive, the reason why it is existing is:

1. For some conditions, there is no requirement for much adhesion, in this way, the zone tapes can also save some cost for the consumers.

2. Some consumers just need the side to be adhesive, for the middle part, the need make it non-adhesive, usually for some particular special condition just like menioned above.

Anyway, it is a special sort of tapes, for speaical conditions.

PTFE Zone Tapes Show

Our company, Bocheng, specializes in various sorts of PTFE adhesive tapes, one of which is the Zone tapes, here I attach the video for your better understanding of its excellent performance, such as high temperature resistance, great tensile strength etc. For more details, feel free to contact us, we are capable of customizing the PTFE glass tapes for consumers.