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PTFE Coated Fabric: Excellent Materials for Insulation Cover


What is Insulation Cover?

Insulation Cover

Insulation cover, usually made of PTFE coated fabric also called insulation jacket or removable insulation cover, are usually used for the insulation of industrial pumps or machines. Insulation covers are sort of insulative material that suurounds around engine & exhaust parts, heat processing equipment and other machines that would release heat. The high-efficency machines usually result in the increase in temperature in surrounding environment. In this way the insulation cover makes the machines safer for people while also creating better heat efficiency by keeping the heat in place.

Then why could the insulation cover work? How does it work? What is made of? This article will help you solve all the questions.

What is PTFE Coated Fabric?

PTFE coated fabric, also called heat sealing fabricPTFE fabric, are made of PTFE resin and woven fiberglass fabric. It is made by impregnating the A grade fiberglass fabric with PTFE resin or PTFE dispersion, then heating under high temperature for full absorption.

PTFE glass fabric owns the features of high tempearture resistance, non-stick, anti-corrosion, heat conduction, and is also resistant to other negative things such as UV.

When it comes to the normal speacification, could refer to our product page of Teflon coated fabric, the thickness is 0.08~1.5mm, color being brown, black, white or other customized ones. The Teflon fabric rolls are in the form of 1 or 1.25meterW and 50mL. However, it could also be made into other forms.

When it comes to the normal speacification, could refer to our product page of Teflon coated fabric, the thickness is 0.08~1.5mm, color being brown, black, white or other customized ones. The Teflon fabric rolls are in the form of 1 or 1.25meterW and 50mL. However, it could also be made into other forms.

PTFE fabric can be taken as the raw materials of other derivatives, such as the PTFE adhesive tapePTFE glass fabric belts etc. They are made with another processing on the PTFE fiberglass fabric. For more details, you can refer to the product page.

PTFE fabric

PTFE Fabric Used as Insulation Cover

Why Can PTFE Fabric Be Used as Insulation Cover?

PTFE coated fabric could be used as the insulation cover, owing to the following reasons.

Great Temperature Control Performance

PTFE coated fabric owns the features of high tempearture resistant, and the normal PTFE coated fabric would prevent the air flow, except the porous grade PTFE fabric, in this way, when it is made into the insulation jacket, it could prevent the inner part from contacting the outer part.

With this feature, the insulation jacket made of PTFE fabric could prevent the pumps or machines to be cold when the outer temperature is too cold, and prevent the pumps to be hot when the outer temperature is too hot. In this way, the working efficiency would be increased sharply. And it could also reduce the formation of danagerous subsutance.                                                                                                                                      

Great Protection Performance

The PTFE coated fabric is resistant to UV, chemicals, that is to say, it is durable.  Also it could prevent the noise from spreading, thus ensuring a confortable working environment for wokers.                            Moreover, it is also sort of protector for the workers, which is the implication of human rights. It is very great for the workers to work in a safe and confortable environment, away from the potential attack from mis-contacting. 

Flexible and Easy to Clean

Compared with the traditional steel insulation cover, PTFE fabric insulation jacket is more flexible, easy to remove and clean. Since the PTFE fiberglass fabric is non-stick, it is much easier to clean the surface. Moreover,  it is soft, unlike the steel ones, so workers could easily remove it and clean, it is most cost-effective in both money and labor.

Several Sorts of PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket

Standard PTFE Fabric with Both Sides Coated

PTFE fabric with both sides, usually called PTFE fabric, is the most popular and common sort of PTFE fabric, owns the features of non-stick, high temperature and low temperature resistance, UV and chemical resistance, easy to clean.

When used as the insulation cover fabric, consumers usually prefer the 0.36, 0.38, 0.4mm thick ones, since the three sorts owns the comparatively tensile strength and tear strength.

In the three sorts of fabric, the standard PTFE coated fabric is medium in both usage experience and cost. So when consumers don’t know what they exactly need or don’t have much barget, they would choose this one.

PTFE Fabric with One Side Coated

PTFE fabric with one side coated, is also made of A-grade fiberglass fabric and PTFE dispersion, but different from the standard PTFE fabric, it only has one side coated, for the other side is not. In this way, the price shall be cheaper than the standard ones, and acutally speaking, when used as the insulation cover, there is no necessity for boths sides of it to be coated.

Some experienced users would prefer this sort since they know well about the specific requirement and performance.

Silicone Coated Fabric

Silicone Coated Fabric

Silicone coated fabric, also called silicone fabric, or silicone fiberglass fabric, is made by coating he silicone adheisves on the surface of fiberglass fabric. Compared with PTFE fabric, be it one side coated or both sides coated, the silicone coated fabric owns more stable and better performance, or maybe it should be said that silicone fabric is unparalled among all the materials used as insulation cover.

However, along with the best quality must be highest price, undoubtedly silicone fabric is the most expensive among the three types, and when it comes to silicone fabric, it could be divided into double side coated silione fabric and one side coated silicone fabric, glossy surface silicone mat and rough surface silicone mat. For the insulation cover, the double side coated rough surface silicone fabric is most popular. For more details feel free to contact us.

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