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PTFE Fabric and Silicone Fabric: Excellent Materials for Rubber Extrustion Industry


What is PTFE Fabric?

PTFE fabric, also called Teflon fabric, PTFE glass fabric, PTFE coated fabric, is made of fiberglass fabric and PTFE disperison. We purchase the A grade fiberglass fabric from professional fiberglass yarn manufacture and then impregnate the fiberglass fabric rolls with PTFE dispersion, heating it under high temperature so as to make sure of the full absorption. 

Teflon is the material which was discovered by Dupont Company in the 1930s, later more and more items or materials relevant to Teflon was invented. Teflon materials own the advantages of non-stick, high tempearture resistant, glossy surface, great tensile strength etc, one of which is the Teflon glass fabric.

Then how can Teflon fabric help the rubber extrustion indsutry? What is the key point? First let us know the difficulties in the rubber extrusion industry.

Difficulties in the Process of Rubber Extrusion Industry


Extrusion is sorf of way of manufacturing the plastic products, usually seen in the production of Rubber products or plastic produts, such as rubber extrusion, Wood plastic composite decking extrusion. When it comes to the rubber extrusion, the conveyor belts on the machine have to bear the weight of rubber extruded, and convey the rubbers, cool down the rubbers. 

In the real process of rubber extrusion, there are some common questions. E.g., 1. The rubber would stick to the conveyor belts, hard to remove. 2. The high temperature rubber parts would do damage to the belt surface. 3. The surface of belt is not gloosy, which would affect the shape of rubber.  In this way, how can the PTFE fabric make contributions to better rubber extrusion?

How Does the PTFE Fabric Do Good to the Rubber Extrusion?

In the above section, I list some potential problems in the process of rubber extrusion, and in this part I would like to explain in details how the Teflon fabric could do good to the rubber extrusion, or how the Teflon fabric belts could work as a good material for curing belt.

Non-stick Surface

Non-stick surface makes it easy for workers to remove the rubber parts from the curing belt(Teflon glass fabric belt), moreover, due to its non-stick feature, it would be easier to uninstall it and clean it compared with the stainless steel belt.

High Temperature Resistant

Teflon fiberglass fabric belt could resist to high temperature up to 260°C, in this respect, no matter how many rubber parts the Teflon fabric belts bear, it won’t be damaged by the high temperature. Teflon fabric could resist to 280°C or even 300°C at most for short time, usually less than 20 mins, but if it is kept under this temperature for too long, its physical performance would be also broken, users should also pay attention to this point for longer lifecycle.

Glossy and Flat Surface

Some people may claim that the rubber surface became  unflat due to contacting the unflat curing surface before totally cooling down and shaping. The problem is just a pieces of cake in front of Teflon glass fabric curing belt, the PTFE fabric owns the totally glossy and flat surface, which won’t bring any negative effect to the rubber parts.

Other Solutions: Silicone Fabric and PTFE Mesh Fabric

Silicone fabric is also another sort of alternatives for PTFE fabric curing belts, same as Teflon fabric in high temperature resistant, UV and chemical resistant. Moreover, in the silicone fabric curing belt, it is much easier to peel the rubber parts, but in terms of price, it is also expensive than the Teflon fabric, consumers who attatch great importance to the great performance would prefer it.

PTFE mesh fabric conveyor belt, also made of PTFE dispersion, and fibergalss fabric, but differs with PTFE fabric in the shape, with holes, some consumers would like the PTFE mesh conveyor belt as curing belts if they want more clear shape before the rubber parts totally cools down. Also the PTFE mesh fabric is also non-stick, which will do no harm to the normal production.

Final Words

Our company, Jiangsu Bocheng New Tech Materials Co., Ltd. speacializes in the R&D and manufacture of Teflon fabric, adheisve backed Teflon fabric/tapes, belts etc, with over 20 years experience in this field. Aimed to provide the consuemrs with best products at best price.

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