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PTFE Fabric: Excellent Solution for Food Industry



Nowadays, the PTFE fabric are getting more and more widely used in the whole world, be it used in daily life, machinery industrial application or even cloth industry. But besides the above mentioned aspects, the PTFE fiberglass fabric is now widely used in food industry, then how can it be used so popularly? What is the reason? And what is the specific detailed usage solution? Will it really do good to the food  process?

In this article, I will detailed introduce the PTFE glass fabric and its  excellent function.

What is PTFE fabric?

PTFE fabric, also called heat sealing fabricPTFE coated fiberglass fabric, are made of PTFE resin and woven fiberglass fabric. It is made by impregnating the A grade fiberglass fabric with PTFE resin or PTFE dispersion, then heating under high temperature for full absorption.

PTFE glass fabric owns the features of high tempearture resistance, non-stick, anti-corrosion, heat conduction, and is also resistant to other negative things such as UV.

When it comes to the normal speacification, could refer to our product page of Teflon coated fabric, the thickness is 0.08~1.5mm, color being brown, black, white or other customized ones. The Teflon fabric rolls are in the form of 1 or 1.25meterW and 50mL. However, it could also be made into other forms.

PTFE fabric can be taken as the raw materials of other derivatives, such as the PTFE adhesive tapePTFE glass fabric belts etc. They are made with another processing on the PTFE fiberglass fabric. For more details, you can refer to the product page.

What can PTFE glass fabric do for food industry and how does it make it?

PTFE glass fabric used for machine conveyor belts

PTFE Tortilla Belt

Tortilla Belt

PTFE fiberglass fabric belt for tortilla press machines works due to its non-stick, high temperature resistance, heat conduction features, which ensures the successful cooking in case of no stick to the belt. The addition of heat quickly cooks the surface which also enables the Tortilla to release easily from the PTFE belt and top sheet.

For the thickness, 0.25mm or 0.4mm PTFE coated fabric are usually used for the tortilla belt, since the two possesses the glossy surface and excellent tear resistance. Compared with the PVC belt, PTFE tortilla belts are more cost-effective, and easier in maintainence. Due to its non-stick feature, it is much easier to clean the belts compared with others, that is why the PTFE belts are more and more widely used as tortilla belts. 

Grill Belt

PTFE grill belt is usually used in the conveyor machine for roast chicken, beef, pork or other sorts of food. Different from the tortilla belt, the PTFE grill belts are usually in black or light brown, with the thickness of 0.25mm~0.4mm. From the perspective of mine, the most popular one is 0.35mm thick, black.

The glossy and non-stick surface allow the food roasted to be grilled on the belt, grill belts allows the food to be heat evenly and gently. Morever, it allows the workers to pick up the food easily without any sticking and clean the belt easily. Same as the tortilla belts, grill belts are also competitive in price compared with the tradtional stainless steel conveyor belt. And the un-porous surface prevents the oil from dropping into the fire, which may result in the fire.

PTFE glass fabric used as BBQ Grill Mat

bbq grill mats - 3

BBQ grill mats, also called grill mats, are made of PTFE coated fabric cutting into desinated dimensions. Cut the finished Teflon fabric into specific dimensions, andthen BBQ grill mat comes. BBQ grill mats are widely used in outdoor barbecue and picnic, and are growing more popular over the past few years.

BBQ grill mats bring you a perfect barbecue experience in the following aspects:


1. It ensures your health. When using the grill mats, the food would not stick to the surface of BBQ grill mat due to that it is non-stick, in this way, it allows you to make the most of the oil from the meat or Bacon, you don’t need to use more oil, which is absolutely good for your health.

2. It allows you to cook more varieties of food. Due to the special structure of grill, it is hard to cook the eggs, or other liquid or soft food on it, the grill mats cover the grill upper surface, then make it possible.

3. It rids you of the heavy clean of grill. The grill mat is used between the food and grill upper surface, it helps prevent the food from contacting the grill, in this way, after the barbecue, it takes less time to clean the grill, and for BBQ grill mats, they are very easy to clean with only water. Also, it brings longer lifespan of the grill.

PTFE glass fabric used as gas range protector

Gas range top protectors, also called gas range top protector or gas stove side protector, protect your stove from clutter and stains. It is made of 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.3mm black, silver or copper PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, which is cutted into designated shapes.

In our daily life, it is quite easy to make the gas range in mess when cooking, the oil, the stains could easily dropped onto the upper surface of table. Then the gas range protector could help. Gas range protector, made of PTFE glass fabric, are non-stick and easy to clean, if we lay it onto the upper surface around the gas range, it could prevent the contact between oil, stain and upper surface of table. And take it away, wash it with water will never take long time due to its speaical features.

Then how should we lay it appropriately on the table? Refer to the right pic, first we shall measure the diameter of gas range fire circle, then use scissors to adjust the size of hole, take away the jig, lay the gas range protector and put the jig back to the previous point. It is all finished. It is really easy, right? The gas range protectors could be washed and reuse for over 50 times, but users shall pay attention not to hur the surface when wash it. Contact us for more details.

PTFE glass fabric used as toaster bags

Toaster bag, also called toastering bag, Teflon toaster bag, is made of 0.08mm thick beige color PTFE fiberglass fabric, we cut the finished PTFE fiberglass fabric into specific dimensions or sizes, then weld the two piece with FEP film, and the FEP film could alsostand the high temperature of 260℃, and owns the featuers of PTFE, that is non-stick, high temerature resistant, easy to clean etc.

The toaster bags are usually used to prevent oil or other stain from contacting the toaster, which could rid users of cleaning toasters. The toaster bags can be used for at least 50 times, users should pay attention not to hurt the surface when washing. And the toaster bags are absolutely safe for body, maybe it should be said that all the food grade products made of PTFE fabric are food grade safe, and will do no harm to body. 

It is used to toast the spices of bread, or sandwiches. Moreover, some consuemrs of us have found more usage for it such as French fries, chicken eggs etc. as the pic in left shows.

Final words

After reading this article, I believe you must have had more comprehensive understanding of the contributions PTFE coated fiberglass fabric has ever made to food industry. And actually speaking, the PTFE glass fabric undoubtedly could be used in more cases. PTFE fabric, with the features of non-stick, high temperature resistant to 260°C etc. is really sort of excellent material. More opinions from your side are welcome, feel free to contact us if any.

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