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PTFE Fabric: Excellent Solution for Solar Panel Laminating Machines


What is PTFE Fabric?

PTFE fabric, also called Teflon fabric, Teflon cloth, PTFE sheet or PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, is made of fiberglass and PTFE material, as its name shows. It is made by impregnating the A-grade fiberglass fabric with PTFE dispersion and then heating the materials under high temperature so as to make sure of the full absorption. In this way, the PTFE sheet would keep all the advantages of PTFE or Teflon maeterial.

PTFE fabric is also the raw material of PTFE adhesive tapes, PTFE fiberglass fabric conveyor belt. The surface of PTFE sheet, adhesive tapes, belts is non-stick, then how can the adhesive be coated onto the PTFE sheet? The answer is special treatment is done on one side of PTFE sheet so as to allow it to be coated with adhesive. 

PTFE sheet features are non-stick surface, high temperature resistant, chemical and UV-resistant, stable performance, low elongation rate, gloosy surface etc, with which PTFE sheet is widely used in various sorts of industrial machines.

What is Solar Panel? How Does It Work?

Solar Panel, also called PV, short for photovoltaic,  is a sort of new-invented battery. Nowadays, with the development of society, there are more and more demands in electricity, which can’t be satisfied by thermal power generation and wind power generation. So there are many new sorts of environment-preotective sources of electricity invented, one of which is solar panel.

So how does the solar panel work? Solar panels collect clean, renewable energy in the form of sunlight and convert the light into electricity, which is then used to power electrical loads. A solar panel consists of several individual solar cells, which themselves are composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous (giving the negative charge), and boron (giving the positive charge). The solar panel absorbs the photons and thereby induces an electric current. The energy produced by photons hitting the surface of a solar panel dislodges electrons from their atomic orbits and releases them into the electric field created by the solar cell, which then pulls these free electrons into a directional current. This whole process is called the photovoltaic effect. And then how does the PTFE fabric help the soloar panel laminating machines

Solar Panel-1

How Can PTFE Fabric Help The Solar Panel Laminating Machines?

As for the solar panel laminating machine and PTFE sheet, usually the PTFE fabric works as a laminating press preotector between the laminating side and solar panel so as to prevent the EVA film from melting and sticking to the surface of laminating surface at the same time of ensuring the heat transmission. If the EVA film melts, the EVA particles would stick to the surface of Solar Panel glass surface, when the solar panel is used outdoor, the EVA particle would melt again under sun and affect the normal function of photovoltic, also we would like to suggest users prepared 2 sets of PTFE sheet, once one set is used, take it away for cooling down, and use soft brush to clean the EVA particle on the surface, although the PTFE sheet is reusable, we have to pay attention to the use so as to maximum the most of it.

Moreover, the PTFE sheet could also be made into PTFE fabric conveyor belt, used in automatic laminating machine, in all, the PTFE sheet really does good to the solar panel laminating machine in many aspects, ensuring the normal continuous work, make it more effective in cost and labor. 

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