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PTFE Fabric VS PTFE Adhesive Tapes, What Are They?


PTFE fabric and PTFE adhesive tapes are more and more frequently mentioned and seen in our daily life, especially in the news relevant to industrials machines, then the questions come: What is PTFE fabric? What is PTFE adhesive tape? What is the relationship between them? What are the similarity and difference? 

In this article, the questions will be answered, and other information with use will be also shown in the post. Read the article and get everything you want to know about them.

What Is PTFE Fabric?

PTFE fabric, also called PTFE fiberglass fabric, Teflon fabric, are made of PTFE dispersion and fiberglass fabric. Teflon™, discovered by Dupont, is sort of composite material which is resistant to extreme high temperature and bad environment, in this way, Teflon fabric made of PTFE/Tef;pm material also owns the relevant features, such as high temperature resistant, non-stick, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, easy to clean etc.


Teflon fabric varies from 0.05mm to 1.5mm at most in terms of thickness and its normal color is brown, white and black etc. Teflon fabric is widely used in various sorts of industrial machines, food industries etc.

When it comes to the full range of sorts of Teflon fabric, usually the standard grade Teflon fabric, tear resistant Teflon fabricPorous grade Teflon fabricTeflon fabric with one side coatedanti-static Teflon fabric. Due to different features of them, they are applied where they are most appropriate, view our product page for more details.

What Are PTFE Adhesive Tapes?

PTFE adhesive tapes, whose raw material is also Teflon™, is made of Teflon fabric and A grade silicone adheisve, namely, made of Teflon fabric and  pressure sensitive adhesive with high adhesion. PTFE adhesive tapes are sort of tapes which can resist high tempearture, own excellent release performance, glossy surface, and can prevent the UV and chemicals.

PTFE adhesive tapes varies from 0.08mm to 0.35mm etc, for thicker ones, customization is needed. Normal colors are brown, beige, white, black etc, of course the customization is available at Bocheng.

PTFE adhesive tapes can usually be devided into little rolls of PTFE adhesive tapes and PTFE adhesive tapes in big rolls with release paper. The two sorts are used according to the specific requirements of users at different application cases. E.g, for packing machine and sealing machine, the little rolls woule be prefered, but for application in large industrial machines, the PTFE adhesive rolls with release paper would be applied.

What Is The Relationship Between Teflon Fabric And PTFE Adhesive Tapes?

PTFE adhesive tapes workshop

Teflon fabric(PTFE fiberglass fabric) is made of fiberglass fabric purchased from professional fiberglass weaving factory and A grade PTFE dispersion. Then when we get the good quality PTFE fiberglass fabric, we do the adhesive coating on one side of the Teflon fabric, however, the side has to been treated so as to remove the non-stick feature, otherwise we would fail to coat the adhesive on the side.

Shortly speaking, the PTFE adhesive tapes is Teflon fabric with adhesive. Or the Teflon fabirc is the PTFE adhesive tape without adhesive. PTFE adhesive tapes big roll with release paper share the same width with the raw material Teflon fabric, usually 1m or 1.25m wide, but there are also customized width such as 1.2m, 1.5m etc. Whereas the little rolls of PTFE adhesive tapes are usually in width of 13mm*10m, 19mm*10m, 25mm*10m, 38mm*10m, 50mm*10m, and 620mm*10m. 


So what is the difference between Teflon fabric and PTFE adheisve tapes? I will answer in the next section.

What Is The Difference Between PTFE Fabric And PTFE Adhesive Tapes?

Just as mentioend in the above paragraph and section, PTFE adhesive tapes can be devided into 2 sorts of forms, but be it the big rolls PTFE adhesive tapes or little rolls PTFE adhesive tapes(as the right pic), the PTFE adhesive tapes are still different from the Teflon fabric.

Moreover, the PTFE adhesive tapes are with adhesive, in some cases, the Teflon fabric and PTFE adhesive tapes can both work, and only differs in the cost and price. But there are some cases where the users don’t hope to see any adheive left when the tapes were peeled so as to avoid the normal operation of machines or normal production, Under this circumstance, the users would prefer the Teflon fabric, anyway, they share many similariries, but also have some differences.

Impregnation machine

Although the Teflon fabric is sort of raw materials of PTFE adhesive tapes, the two are manufactured under 2 different machines and by 2 different technical skills. As the left pic shows, the pic is called Impregnation Machine(like posted in the about-us page), the fiberglass fabric was impreganted with the PTFE dispersion and then heated under high temperature, the acction would be taken for times to make sure of enough tensile strength and thickness, glossiness of Teflon fabric. But the key is, control the speed of machine, otherwise the Teflon fabric would be too crisp and easy to tear or imprenated unevenly.

Final Words

Similarities and differences beteween Teflon fabric and PTFE adhesive tapes results in the corresponding similar application and some different application cases.

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