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Silicone Baking Mats: All Things You Want to Know About it.


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Nowadays, the silicone baking mats are more and more frequently seen everywhere in our daily life, in Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Alibaba,

 Made-in-China and the homes of our friends, then many people may wonder what is silicone baking mat, how it is used, why it is used and

 other questions.

In this article, I will have a detailed explanation of the baking mats for readers’ better understanding from several perspectives. Also you could

contact us for more you want to know.

What is silicone baking mat?

Silicone baking mat, also called baking mat, is made by coating the fiberglass mesh fabric with 

silicone adhesive, under the coating machine, with which we also produce the PTFE fiberglass

adhesive tapes . The processing temperature is high so that the fibergalss could fix well with the 

silicone adhesive.

It is the greatest invention in the 20th century, it is used as a cooking sheet, substitute for parchment

paper, widely used in families when it comes to the cookie bakery, food baking or somewhere 

relevant else.

For the silicone baking mat itself, it is non-stick, high temperature resistant, easy-to-clean, stable in

physical characteristic, high durability. Also, silicone baking mat in different forms are also available

such as kneading pad.

Why are silicone baking mats useful or advantaged?

Some people may ask why the silicone baking mats are useful, or what is the advantage of it. When it 

comes to why we should use the baking mat, we have to focus on its unparelled strength.

Non-stick and high temperature resistant

Non-stick feature makes it more convenient for users to enjoy a better bakery or cooking experience in

daily life, and high temperature resistant ensures its normal work under home ovens(260°C at most)

High durability and easy-to-clean

The baking mats are very stable in body , some consuemrs may ask whether it is possible to cut it into 

designated shape, the answer is no, and that is also why the baking mats could be used for several times,

and remain its functionablity. Moreover, it is easy to clean due to the feature of non-stick as mentioned 

above. So it is more cost-effective compared with the parchment paper.

How can we use the baking mats?

Kneading mat

Kneading the bread dough is something we can’t aviod in the daily cooking,

in the process, it would make the table in mess. The baking mats allow you 

to knead the dough in designated zone, and you no longer have to worry 

about the mess, moreover, the non-stick surface saves you more time and 

engergy, since it is much easier to release the dough and you don’t have to 

put more bread powder.

Cookie mat

In our daily life, the parchment paper is usually used in the bakery or cookie or other desserts, usually put

between the desserts and oven paste, just like mentioned in the previous paragraph, due to its unparalled 

advantages, the baking mat is a perfect susbsitute for the parchment paper, in terms of cost-effectiveness,

and easier cleaning. 

Besides the cleaning of silicone baking mat itself, the baking mat would prevent the oil in food from

penetrating to the oven paste, of course it is a painful to clean the stainless oven paste, espeacially those

on which the oil could stick easily and is hard to clean.

Food range for reference: cookies, macarons etc.

silicone baking mat

Crisps and peanut brittle mat

Apart from the traditional food or bakery, the baking mats are also used to cook some snack, such as the crisps

and peanut brittle.

Generally speaking, due to its non-stick surface and easy-to-clean feature, it could be used to cook the tradtion

-al food such as chicken legs and wings, and bakery such as cookie and chocolate. 

Consumers could also find more usage for the baking mats, fully enjoying the fun of DIY.


Are silicone baking mats safe?

The baking mats are made of fiberglass and silicone adhesive, which are totally stable under high temperature of 260°C, and for this value, it is hard

for the home ovens to reach, so consumers could rest assured when using it.

And same as our BBQ grill mat, gas range protector, made of PTFE fabric, we have also acheived the test report of LFGB and FDA, which could totally

satisfy the demands of consumers, moreover, we are also willing to test our baking mats under more test stantdard only if the consumers would like to

bear the test cost.

Our factory, with over 10 years epxerience, are specialized in PTFE and slicone, the two sorts of materials are entirely food grade, and we have never

stopped our step of reserach and development so as to bring consumers products with best quality at good price.

More questions you may ask about baking mats and corresponding answers

Q1: Can we cut the silicone baking mats into size I like?

A1: Better not do that, frankling speaking, it is difficult to cut it due to the stable feature, and we are also not sure whether consume could still

use it normally after cutting.


Q2: How to wash the baking mats so as to make it clean?

A2: Just use the water to wash it, you could also add a little detergent, do not wipe the surface of the mat with a steel ball! It is very important!


Q3: Can we custimize the size and color box? And how many pieces are in a color box?

A3: Of course, only if the consumers have enough demands, we are very willing to customize the color box for you, and usually we have 1 or 2

pieces of baking mats in one color box. And customization of size and shape are also avabile, actually we have the circle-typed baking mats for 

sale now.


Q4: Where to place the baking mat when it is not used?

A4: The baking mat is soft, you may roll it into a roll, and put back into the previous color box or somewhere else. Rememer to clean it under

water again next time you use it.

Final words for readers

I belive you have learnt more after reading this article, and silicone baking mat is really the greatest invention for people who love hand made food, or 

those who like DIY. 

Anyway, seize the day, enjoy the bakery life, make the most fun.

Feel free to contact us through the form, whatsapp, email if you want to know more or have any demands.

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