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Six Key Points of Bocheng


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Located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China, Bocheng owns over 20 years experience in manufacture of PTFE fabricteflon fiberglass tapes, mesh conveyor belts etc. We have never stopped the pace of development and research, namely, we are aiming to supplying consumers with products at best quality and price.And we hope to establish long-term business relationship with all consumers on the basis of mutual benefits. 

Here I will list the six key points of Bocheng and explain them for your better understanding of our company. 

The six key points are history, quality, guarantee, service, credit, and experience.


Jiangsu Bocheng New Tech Materias Co., Ltd. , whose original name was Taixing K-fab was founded about 20 years ago, aimed to supply the consumers with best quality and best price. In 2001, that is 2 years before the foundation of K-fab, we had founded another company called Jiangsu Kaixin, specializing in the distribution of PTFE products. Later, we got started to get invovled in the manufacture of our manufacture factory,

In the past 20 years, we have experience two great upgrading, the first is we changed the position of factory so as to earn more areas for the workshops and machines. The second is in 2021, we added the registered capital of company and changed name into Jiangsu Bocheng. In all, Bocheng and Kaixin are companies with long history, which allows consumers products at good quality and price.


Just like mentioned in the previous part, Bocheng owns a history of over 20 years, and in the past 20 years, we were keeping the pace of research and development, aiming to provide with the best quality, and develop new products which could satisfy the demands of consumers.

We have separate reaserch team of the technical research and test, and also the supervisors at each workshop, who are responsilbe for the checking of the products manufactured and the potention quality issule, assuring that there must be one who take the responsibility for the issue if any. Throught this method, we aim to prevent the quality issue from happening as much as possbile, so as to make sure of the quality of our products.

As for the customized products, such as uncommon-colored PTFE fabric, tapes, they are also available at Bocheng. We will never let our consumers down.


In this part, we would like to introduce the guarantee rule of Bocheng. It is mainly related to the after-sales service. In the previous part, I listed the concept of quality issue, it is a sensitive question most manufacturers decline to mention, but frankly speaking, there is no manufacturers who could make a promise of no quality issue in the whole lifecycle of factory, the key is how we obey our guarantee. For our company, if there is any quality issue which proves to be on our duty, we will deliver the same goods to consumers, refund or give some discount in the next order. We never escaped from the responsibilities we should take.

Early in this year, we send  a Thailand consumers a roll of wasted products, which is the starting part or ending part of a mother roll of basic fabric and is uselss. The mistake was made by a new comer to our company, the new worker made several similar mistakes within 1 week, and finally we deliver the same goods to our consumers again and fired the careless worker. 

In this way, we hope all consumers or potential consumers could understand the meaning of “Guarantee” .


After we founded Bocheng, we still kept the running of Kaixin, since Kaixin is the trading company, we have many consumers who want both our Teflon fiberglass tapes and other non-PTFE products, this is another reason for the existence of Kaixin, we would like to help our consumers purchase the other products they want.

Moreover, as for the questions consumers put forwarder after receiving the goods, we are always active to check and solve.

That is the “Service”.


In September 2021, the price of our PTFE relevant products has faced a sharp increase due to the increase in price of the raw materials and the power limit policy issued by government. We define the start of an order from the downpayment, only if the consumers has paid partly, even 30%, we would still follow the price in the contract for the order. 

Not only for this case, if any other similar cases occur, we will also follow this rule, since credit is the most important but basic point in international business.


As for the experience, during the Kaixin Period, we have established with so many powerful distributors and end users with great demands, and after the foundation of Bocheng, we entered into another era of business development.

In the past 20 years, we have supplied to so many consumers over 30 countries, and earned high appreciation from them.

Moreover, just like mentioned in the previous part, we are also supplying customized products to our consumers, such as the green  teflon fiberglass tapes, which allows us to earn more experience and oppotunities in development and reserach.

In all, the above-mentioned six key points are the reason why Bocheng can exist and develop so quickly in the past years, and we will follow the six points, bringing our consumers with better products and service.fiberglass

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