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Standard Grade PTFE Fabric

PTFE fabric, also called teflon coated fiberglass fabric, Teflon fabric, takes high quality imported glass fiber as weaving material. We purchase high quality E-fiberglass base fabric from professional fibergalss fabric supplier, then impregnating them with PTFE dispersion, heating under high temperature working environment, and finally we get high quality Teflon fabric

Some consumers once mentioned that there were some Teflon fabric manufacturers who weaved the base fibergalss fabric by themselves, but the question is, could they really weave better fiberglass fabric than professional fiberglass factory? My opnion is, leave it for the most professional, everyone does the best in his or her zone so as to give consumers best products.

PTFE fabric is also the base material of Teflon adhesive tapes and Teflon belts, for this part, I will mention it clearly in the Teflon tape product page. Moreover, non-stick food grade standard Teflon fabric finished products can also be made into food grade BBQ grill mat, gas range protector, toaster bags etc. Generally speaking, Teflon fabric is the base material of many other related prodcuts, which can be called the greatest invention in 20th century.

Besides the standard Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, we are also able to supply the tear resistant version Premium PTFE cloth. The standard with which we judge the tear resistant version is we cut a short on our side of the Teflon fabric, then try best to tear the short cut, if we fail to do it, then it is the tear resistant Teflon fiberglass fabric.

Our company, Jiangsu Bocheng, is experienced in this field for over 10 years, we are the professional PTFE fabric supplier and PTFE adhesive tape manufacturer. Contact us for any further question or demand.

PTFE Fabric Common Thickness:

0.08mm 0.12mm 0.13mm 0.15mm 0.18mm 0.25mm 0.3mm

We couls supply at most 1.5mm fabric.

When it comes to the thickness, the weight is always accompanied, in the following table the weight and thickness or 

other technical specifications of the common fabric are to be listed.

Usually speaking, PTFE coated glass cloth heavy weight is thicker in thickness, whereas the PTFE coated glass cloth

light weight is thinner in thickness. Since the weight comes from thickner fiberglass base fabric and PTFE dispersion


PTFE Fabric Common width:

The most popuar width of PTFE glass fabric is 1 meter or 1.25 meter, for fabric whose thickness is over 0,13mm, we can

make 1.5m wide ones, for fabric whose thickness is over 0.25mm, we can make  2.6m wide ones. However, the 

customization requires MOQ, usually 500 sqm or 1000 sqm. Contact us for more details.


For the Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, the most common color is brown, white, black, if the consumers could provide the sample they want, we are also able to supple the most similar color, provided that the demands is over 1000 sqm.

Other Sort of PTFE Fiberglass Fabric:

PTFE tear resistant fabric Tear resistant version, with more tensile strength

PTFE porous fabric High porousity version. air flow allowed and softer

PTFE fabric with one side coated One side coated version, one sided coated by PTFE, the other not, financially-friendly

Silicone fiberglass fabric Fiberglass fabric with silicone coated, high performance insulation material

PTFE anti-static fabric Anti-static version, black color, prevents the static, avoid danger in production

Food grade bbq grill mat Black color sheet, usually 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm thick, allows you the best BBQ experience.


1. It can resist high temperature up to 260°C, widely used in various sorts of industrial conveyor belts. 

2. Non-sticky and easy to clean, food grade and nontoxic. usually used in food industry, as conveyor belts or bbq grill


3. Heat resistance and fireproof, usually used in umbrella or speacial clothes.

5. Resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acid and alkali, also allows it to be used in chemical and pharmaceutical 


6. Good dimensional stability, high strength, and has good mechanical properties.

7. Low friction coefficient (0.05-0.1), the best choice for oil-free self-lubrication.

8. Light transmittance up to 6%~13 %.

9. High insulation property (the value of dielectric constant is only 2.6, and the value of tangent is less than 0.0025).

10. Anti-static and Ultraviolet-proof.


1. Packaging machines.

2. Bag making machines.

3. Heat print machines.

4. Somewhere else where the heat resistance and non-stick are needed.


Here I list only some usages due to the space limit, for more infomation, feel free to contact us or view our news part.

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All the above mentioned news are related to the usage of the fabric, and also in the news I explain how it can be used 

there and some tips in the use process.

Video Show:

Technical Date Sheet for PTFE Fabric Common Types:

For more detailed TDS of our PTFE fabric, feel free to contact us, 7*24 available.

Item Number






Tensile Strength



0.08mm 1250mm 140 g/sqm 550/450 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB008B 0.08mm 1250mm 140 g/sqm 550/450 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
KB008W 0.08mm 1250mm 140 g/sqm 550/450 N/5cm -70~260℃ Cream
KB012 0.115mm 1250mm 220 g/sqm 1100/1000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB012B 0.115mm 1250mm 220 g/sqm 1100/1000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
0.125mm 1250mm 250 g/sqm 1100/1000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB013B 0.125mm 1250mm 250 g/sqm 1100/1000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
0.145mm 1250mm 300 g/sqm 1200/1100 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB018 0.18mm 1250mm 340 g/sqm 1800/1700 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
0.23mm 2600mm 480 g/sqm 2100/1800 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB025B 0.23mm 2600mm 480 g/sqm 2100/1800 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
KB030 0.3mm 3000mm 600 g/sqm 2800/2400 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB030B 0.3mm 3000mm 600 g/sqm 2800/2400 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
KB035 0.33mm 2600mm 680 g/sqm 2600/2300 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB035B 0.33mm 2600mm 680 g/sqm 2600/2300 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
KB040 0.38mm 3000mm 800 g/sqm 3000/2500 N/5cm -70~260℃ Brown
KB040B 0.38mm 3000mm 800 g/sqm 3000/2500 N/5cm -70~260℃ Black
KB055 0.55mm 3000mm 1080 g/sqm 4400/4000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Cream
KB070 0.7mm 3000mm 1250 g/sqm 5000/4800 N/5cm -70~260℃ Cream
KB095 0.95mm 3000mm 1550 g/sqm 6000/5000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Cream
KB100 1mm 3000mm 1700g/sqm 6000/5000 N/5cm -70~260℃ Cream