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What is Teflon Adhesive Tape and How Is It Used?


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What Is Teflon Adhesive Tape?

Teflon adhesive tape, also known as Teflon tapes, PTFE tapes, Teflon cloth tapes, is a special sort of high performance tapes which owns the advantage of high temperature resistance, non-stick, heat conduction. Giving special treatment to one side of Teflon fabric, and coating the side with silicone adhesives, then we get Teflon adhesive tapes. With the above-mentioned main features, Teflon adhsive tapes are popular among various industries and are used in several sorts of machines.

Teflon adhesive tapes are different from the PTFE thread seal tape, which is without adhesive, our Teflon adhesive tapaes are one side sticky and the other not, in the form of little tape and tapes with release paper just as the pics below shows.

What Is Teflon?

Teflon, also called PTFE, was discovered by Dupont, a non-stick coating for pans, cookware and even industrial food processing machinery. The pan must be made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy. The pan surface has to be specially prepared to receive the PTFE. For Teflon, it is used to manufacture Teflon fabric, Teflon adhesive tapes, Teflon rod, Teflon sheet, Teflon tube, and Teflon film, which is one of the greatest invention in 20th century and is widely used in our daily life and various industries.

Teflon Adhesive Tapes Common Specification

For thickness, it ranges from 0.08, 0.12, 0.13, 0.15, 0.18, 0.25 to 0.35mm, if taking the adhesive thickness into consideration, 0.05 mm has to be added in thickness.

For width, the width of little tape rolls ranges from 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm to 50mm for the most common width, and some consumers will have customized width, which is also available, but the addtional cost will also be charged. For the big rolls with release paper, 1m or 1.25m is the generic standard.

For color, the most popular colors are brown, black and white, but other colors are also accessible at more charges.

What Is Application of Teflon Adhesive Tapes?

Due to its special features, Teflon adhesive tapes are widely used in various industries as above mentioned, here I list some most popular usages in our

daily sales.

Sealing Machine

Sealing machines are usually used to seal the open bopp bags under high temperature working environment. During the working process, some waste of the bopp bags sticks to the surface of sealing knives, but if with the Teflon adheisve tapes fixed to the surface, due to its non-stick, high temperature resistance and heat conduction features, Teflon adhesive tape will make sure of the normal continuous work, preventing the bopp bags from sticking to surface. Morever, the Teflon adhsive tapes can be used under 260℃ for long time, and have long lifecycle. Generally speaking, Teflon adhesive tapes rid the workers of the trouble in handling the bopp wastes at little costs.

By the way, for the sealing machines, our PTFE seamless sealing bands and V belts are also essential for its normal work.

Packaging Machine

Same rules apply when it comes to the packaging machines. Teflon adhesive tapes are also used in various sorts of packaging machines, such as food packaging, medicine packaging etc, since all sorts of packaing machines own the similar sealing knives as sealing machine, working at high temperature environment and facing the rist of waste sticking.

Packaing Machine

Heat Press Machine

Mentioned in the previous news concerning the application of Teflon cloth, Teflon cloth can be used in the heat press machine so as to aviod the direct contact between cloth to be printed and the printing face of machines.

Teflon adhesive tape differ with Teflon cloth, or Teflon fabric only in that the Teflon adhesive tape is sticky in one side. In this way, the Teflon adhesive tapes can be also used in heat press machines, and since it is sticky in one side, consumers no longer need to fix it with other bopp tapes or sth else, which brings more convenience at little cost.


Generally speaking, Teflon adhesive tape owns all the advantages of Teflon fabric, and differs with Teflon fabric in the sticky side.

In this respect, the Teflon adhesive tape can be used where Teflon fabric is used, but actually speaking, Teflon adhesive tape means higher cost but more convenience than Teflon fabric. But for some speacial cases, especially those where the Teflon fabric can’t be fix or placed conveniently, Teflon adheisve tape will appear with its unique advantages.

Introduction of Bocheng

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