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Teflon Coated Glass Tape VS Teflon Tape – Are They the Same?


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When we search Teflon Coated Glass Tape in Google search box, it would show 2 sorts of tapes, Teflon Coated Glass Tape and Teflon Tape, are they the same? And what is the difference between them if not?

What is the Teflon Coated Glass Tape?

Teflon coated glass tape, also called Teflon adhesive tapes, PTFE cloth tape or Teflon cloth tape are produced with either silicone or acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system. During the impregnation of Teflon fabric, we will do some special treatment on one side of the Teflon fabric, then it would be easier for us to coat adheisves on this side, then coating the adhesive to the certain side under high temperature, the Teflon adhesive tapes are made out.

The silicone adhesive coated products have a continuous operating temperature range between -70°C and +260°C (-100° to 500°F) while the acrylic adhesive coated products provides high initial tack, enhanced solvent resistance. The Teflon coating provides optimal release, dimensional stability and outstanding heat resistance. Teflon coated glass tapes have low friction and function well as electrical insulation.

What is the Teflon Tape?

Teflon tape, generically called PTFE or pipe thread tape, is a thin, stretchy, and non-stick tape you wrap around male pipe threads before screwing them to their female counterparts. It doesn’t have a sticky side, but rather clings to the pipe and itself as you wrap it tightly around the threads.

Teflon Tape - Teflon Thread Tape

Teflon tape does two important things:

1. It acts as a sealant to plug small gaps that might be present after the joint is assembled

2. It acts as a lubricant so the pipe goes together more easily initially and also comes apart more easily when disassembled. Standard Teflon tape is used

 on steel, plastic, PVC and copper water pipe.

Difference between Teflon Coated Glass Tape and Teflon Tape

Teflon Coated Glass Tapes:


It is sticky on one side, usually in brown, black, white, and beige. And people can see the stripes on the base fabric.


It is applied where the non-stick, high temperature resistance, heat conduction are needed, and in fact it is widely used in various industries.


In terms of little Teflon coated glass tape, the width is usually 13, 19, 25, 38. 50mm in width, and 10 meter in length. Of course, customization is available.

Teflon Tape:


Compared with the other, Teflon tape, or Pipe Thread Tape is used in limited area. Just like mentioned above, it is used on the male pipe thread when connecting the male and female pipes to make the process easier.


It is non-stick, usually in white, seldom in yellow and pink(with different Teflon density compared with white version). Moreover, it is made of pure PTFE, rather than base fabric and adhesive.


The Teflon tape strip’s size mostly depends on the threads’ size where it is intended to be used, and the product and the price vary accordingly. White

ones are single density and mostly used in plumbing threads up to 3/8 inch are generally ½ inch wide.

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