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What is Teflon Fabric and How Is It Used?


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What is Teflon material and what is Teflon fabric?

Teflon fabric, also called PTFE fabric, is made of fiberglass fabric and Teflon. Then what is Teflon™ material? Teflon, also called Teflon material, invented by Dupont, is a brand name for a synthetic chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Teflon material is used to coat a variety of products because it’s waterproof, cuts down on friction, and creates a nonstick surface. So what is PTFE fabric, how is it made?

Impregating the preimum grade fiberglass fabric with PTFE dispersion, and then drying it under high temperature so as to ensure the full composite, then the teflon fabric is made out. With teflon material in its raw materials, teflon fabric owns all the advantages of the former, such as non-stick, high temperature resistance to 260 degree celsius etc.

Thanks to the above-mentioned advantages, PTFE fabric is widely used in our daily life.

Teflon fabric, whose thickness varies from 0.08, 0.12, 0.13, 0.15, 0.18, 0.25, 0.35~ 1mm at most, in brown, beige, white, balck, are used in various sorts of industries throughtout our life, then what is the Teflon fabric most used in? And why is it able to be used in the relevant industries?

Teflon Fabric Industrial Use

For industrial machines, most of them work under high temperature environment, such as packaging machine, sealing machine, printing machine, heat press machine, drying machine etc. Sometimes the products will have a direct contact with machine, and the high temp environment will do some damage to products or have some other negative effects.

For the sealing machines, the temperature of sealing knives under normal working is so high that the plastic opp bags will stick to the knives, resulting in bad effects on both opp bags and knives, it would take much time for workers to clean the knives at some intervals, which would also bring aobut the additional labor cost.

For the heat press machine, when people wanna print a logo or some DIY image on the cloth or sth else, the direct contact between press board and cloth may lead to damage to cloth surface to some extent, that is why a piece of Teflon fabric is needed. First fix the teflon fabric to press board or press face, due to its heat-conduction feature, it would ensure both normal work of machine and prevention for the cloth, and the teflon fabric can be used for long time, in this way, little cost will bring more benefits.

Food Use

PTFE fabric can also be cut into certain dimensions, made into BBQ grill mat, gas range protector, toaster bag etc.

For the bbq grill mat, just like mentioned in the previous news, in our daily bbq experience, many people do face some problems in cleaning the dirty in the process to grill. And BBQ grill mat can be put on the grill to prevent the drop of dirt down on the grill. And BBQ grill mats can be easily cleaned due to its non-stick feature, heat conductive feature will make sure of the perfect BBQ experience. Moreover, the non-stick PTFE fabric or BBQ grill mats are re-usable after cleaning. But there are some tips we should pay attention to, listed in the previous news.

For the gas range protector, it is used in the gas range, consumers usually cut the piece at their will so as to match the gas range, it would also prevent the oil or dirt from dropping into the table, rid consumers of the troble in cleaning. By the way, it is also easy to clean and resuable.

For the last, toaster bag, it can fit the hamberger, bread or sandwiches, prevent the direct contact between food and toasters, removing the worries of cleaning toasters, and it is also re-usable.

Daily Use

Due to the unique features of teflon material, it is alsoused in anti-rain cloth, umbrellas, and rain shoes etc. Anyway, it is used where the corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance, dirt-resistance are need.

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