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Tips for BBQ Grill Mat Use


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What is bbq grill mat?

BBQ grill mats are a pieces of speaical fabric, easy-to-clean, non-stick and heat conductive, usually used on the grill to avoid the dirt on grill. It allows the heat conduction so as to ensure the perfect barbecue experience. The size is usually 15.73 X 13 inches, and there are also customized dimensions based on consumers’ requirement. Most popular thickness is 0.2 mm, 0.3mm and 0.1mm.

bbq grill mat

What is bbq grill mat made of?

BBQ grill mat is made of PTFE fiberglass coated fabric, usually in black, silver and copper. The PTFE fiberglass fabric is usually in brown, when it is made as the bbq grill mat, different color additives were added.


Just like mentioned above, BBQ grill mat is non-stick and heat conductive. It allows consumers to rid of the cleaning of grill, consumers just need to clean the bbq grill mat, which would save much energy and time. Heat resistance to 260℃ makes sure of the successful bbq process and remove consumers’ worry on fire appearance as well.

Reference pic for production of BBQ Grill mat

Tips for BBQ grill mat use

Throughout our experience of selling bbq grill mats, we have achieved much appreciation from our consumers, and also some complaints, for the latter, we always figure out the reason for bad experience and manage to solve the problems, here I list some tips for consumers’ better understanding of BBQ grill mat use so as to ensure your great experience.

Approprite distance between the grill mat and flame

Some consumers complaint that the bbq grill mat was on fire during the BBQ process. Actually, for different fire-resistance levels, there would be different performance. In terms of our BBQ grill mat, it is better to control the distance of BBQ grill mat and flame/burning coals at 15cm, under this distance there will be both good barbecue experience and safe operation environment. In all, high temperature resistance to 260℃ doesn’t mean it can’t be ignited, rule of Bocheng is honesty, we will never cheat the consumers just for more sales value.

No oil or butter on grill mat

Oil or butter on the BBQ grill mat will sharply increase the possibility of flame. Our BBQ grill mat is heat-conduction, which could fully supply the required barbecue temperature, making sure the food is cooked..

Don’t use wire brush to clean the grill mat

Some consuemrs complaint that the BBQ grill mat was broken after being cleaned by wire brush. We usually recommend that consumers clean the BBQ grill mat with only dish soap and soft bristle brush, by the way, there are also many consumers who used the BBQ grill mat only once per piece, they thought there was no need to clean since the package of our BBQ grill mat has 10 pieces in 1 bag usually.

That is all for the tips.

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