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What Is the Difference between FEP Film, PFA Film And PTFE Film?


Introduction of FEP Film, PFA Film And PTFE Film

What is FEP Film?

FEP film is sort of white or transparent film made of  fluorinated ethylene propylene resin, it is very similar with PTFE and PFA in terms of compostion and structure. Due to the features of a low dielectric constant and dissipation with a continuous use temperature of 400°F (metlting at 205°C), and lower cost and temperature resistant, the film is widely used as release film, welding film, and inner film of some industrial parts. 

For its specification, the most popular thickness of FEP film is 0.03mm and 0.05mm. The film can be made by blowing moulding, injection moulding, unlike traditional PTFE materials. And due to the special method of manufacturer, the film in other thickness is also available, and the jumbo roll length is usually from 200~250 meter.y

FEP Film
PFA Film

What is PFA Film?

PFA film owns a series of advantages such as excellent dielectric properties under wide range of temperature and frequency, the highest standard of chemical and stress crack resistance, excellent weatherability performance. The above all features or adavantages allows PFA film to work a better function in another form besides PTFE. 

The PFA films could stand the temperature of 260°C at most, about 40°C higher than the FEP film. That is to say, PFA film is an updated version of FEP film, which could be undoubtedly applied where the FEP film is appied. However, the PFA film is also much more expensive than the FEP film. And the most common thickness of PFA film is 0.03mm or 0.05mm, but other thickness customization is also available.


What is PTFE Film?

When it comes to the PTFE film, it usually refers to the PTFE side sealer film, used in the side sealing of PTFE fabric belt and PTFE mesh conveyor belt, it works as a protection for both belt iteself and the user, it brings much convenience to the running of belts in conveyor machines, such as printing machines, packaging machines, tortilla machines etc.

Its color can be red, white, black and blue for most cases, it is much thicker than the two above-mentioned films, but the PTFE film shares the similar high temperature resistance feature, whose value is 260°C as well, same as PFA film. That is also why it can perform stably in the process of belt welding.

What Is the Difference between FEP Film, PFA Film and PTFE Film?

PTFE Fabric Belt with Balck PTFE Film with Black PTFE Film Side Sealer

Like mentioned in the above paragraphs, FEP film and PFA films shares  the same usage. In terms of  the relationship with PTFE fabric belt and PTFE mesh conveyor belt, the two both work as the welding film, usually placed between the belt itself and PTFE film, that is to say, put the belt, FEP film or PFA film, then PTFE fiim or PTFE fabric side sear in turn and then heat it under the high tempearture, the FEP film and PFA film would melt and make the connection of belt and side sealer(PTFE film or PTFE fabric) tightly.

So, the FEP film and PFA film differs in the temperature resistance index, and the tightness of joint. The two are similar but they differ from the last one PTFE film in the function mainly.

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