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What You Must Find Out About Teflon Conveyor Belt: A post on the difference between stainless belt and it.


What is Teflon Conveyor Belt?

Teflon conveyor belt, also called PTFE mesh belt, PTFE mesh conveyor belt, is a new sort of conveyor belt which is widely used in various sorts of industrial conveyor machines. Teflon conveyor belts owns the features of high temperature resistance, non-stick, excellent tensile strength, easy maintainence. For mesh hole, there are many specifications, such as 1*1, 4*4, 2*2.5, 10*10, 0.5*0.5mm etc.

In the past, the stainless steel belt was used in the industrial  conveyor machines almost everywhere due to its anti-corrosion, chemical-resistant, great weight affordablity. Nowadays, along with the time, the Teflon conveyor belts are gradully replacing the other provided that the former is functional.

Then the questions come, what is Teflon conveyor belt made of ? How is it compared with the tradtional stainless steel belt? Why did more and more people turn to it? Read this post, all will be answered.

Just How Teflon Conveyor Belt is Made?

Teflon conveyor belt is made of A Grade fiberglass and excellent PTFE dispersion. Similar with Teflon fabric in terms of manufacture process, Teflon conveyor belt is also made by impregnation machine, we impregnate the mesh fiberglass rolls with PTFE disperion, and make it fully absorb the PTFE material under high temperature so as to make it own all the features of Teflon material.

What is Teflon?

When it comes to Teflon, it is a sort of interesting compound material discovered by DuPont company. In the later decades until now, more and more useful products were then created by other companies, such as Teflon fabric, Teflon adhesive tapes, Teflon conveyor belts, Teflon rod, Teflon sheet, Teflon pipe etc.

It is said, all products made of Teflon perfectly owns the features of it, such as non-stick, high temperature resistant, UV and chemical resistant, excellent stability performance.

Teflon Conveyor Belt Roll

How It Is Better Than the Traditional Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt?

Just like mentioned above, the Teflon conveyor belt owns all the advantages of Teflon material. Then how can it beat the competitive stainless steel belt and change the thought of consumers?

It is cost-effective than stainless steel belt. The tradtional stainless steel belt is made of stainless steel, as its name shows, it is totally made by it. The price of metal is very unstable, there were several sharp increases in the past years even for the metal, let alone the decades, under this circumstance, consumers would find a better alternative only if the one can function well. So can Teflon conveyor belts work well?

Teflon convey belts owns the features of non-stick, high tempearture resistant to 260°C, that is to say, it is useful when used in the screen printing machine, drying machine, packaging machine, UV machine etc. And since the Teflon belt is totally food grade safe, not toxic, it is also used in the tranmission of food. So can it afford the heavy goods conveyor? Of course yes, we have the double weft double warp version, and even stronger version with reinforcement, in this way, it could keep the normal and stable function under severe working condition. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain, worker could easily take it off from the machine and clean. That is why it is so competitive and gradually replace the stainless steel belt.

Final Words

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